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Active Rain Settings & SEO Benefits - Very Powerful

Did you know that you are missing out on some SEO opportunities in your Active Rain Profile and Settings?   Yesterday, I did a post regarding  "How To Use Your "My Settings" Page"  I received many comments and quite a few questions.  The "My Settings" link in Active Rain clearly has some great value and benefits to you and your Blog.  There is one particular question that came up by Roswell Ga Real Estate - Nancy Rivera who runs about an area on the "My Settings" page.

She asked,"Brad - I have a question about #3, if you don't mind.  I used to have something in this box but when looking at my Blog, I never saw what was written there so I removed it and added it to #2 instead.  Is this something that I would see?  If so, where?  Or is this something that Google sees?  Thanks for your time."  MORE DETAILS>>>

What Nancy was referring to, is the "Blog Description Text" Box on your "My Settings" Link in Active Rain.  I did some research and found out that this box is used for SEO purposes.  It is also used in cases where Active Rain displays lists of blog entries, but they don't want to include and show all of the HTML tags and widgets that people have added to their Blogs.  (VERY SMART, these folks behind the scenes at AR.)  This may very well be one of the best and yet most under utilized tool (or section) here on Active Rain!  This is HUGE!!  


                                                      Active Rain and SEO

What you place in the "Blog Description Text" box is used in the "meta-description tag" on a page.  It is also used when viewing posts from multiple members of Active Rain in one place or location.  For example:, it gets utilized here.  There are probably many of you who didn't even know that this was available or existed...I admit, I didn't.  There are no buttons or links for access to this area of AR, you can only get here if you type in the URL. 

Here's a sample of what it looks like:

                                                      Active Rain Blog Searches

I researched hundreds of AR members tonight, and I was totally surprised at how many are not taking advantage of this.  (Like me, they probably just didn't know)  If you use the settings in Active Rain according to their purpose, then you are more likely to get more out of your efforts and Blogs here on Active Rain.  Half the battle is just knowing this information is available and how to use it.  Well, hopefully, half your battle was just won here today!  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) never hurts anyone, at least not in my experience.  Just be sure to always focus on your content.  This could be one of the more valuable and over-looked areas on Active Rain!!

Which (randomly selected) member is getting the most out of their Active Rain Settings using the "Blog Description Text" box for SEO?  


If you guessed Bill Cherry, then you're getting all this, and you are 100% right!  This simply means we all need to review and modify what we've typed into that little box!  I just updated and modified mine before submitting this post.

I humbly suggest that you take full advantage of these tools that Active Rain has to offer, especially when it comes to SEO, or what I'd like to refer to as (Search Engine Opportunity).  You can only get the most out of the things in life that you know about...So when it comes to Active Rain "Settings" and "SEO" Benefits... Now You Know!  :-)  

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