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Links That Will Rock Your World... Seriously.

I don't have much time to blog these days, but I wanted to do a quick post on sites that have revolutionized the way I do business as a coach/SEO consultant/website marketer, etc...



1.  Google Website Optimizer 101 - (Absolute Must Read!!  It will change your entire outlook on web marketing)

  • This page is from the Conversion Rate Experts.  It explains the wonderful world of "Conversion Rate Optimization" (CRO).  Get used to this phrase, I guarantee you will be hearing more about it... it's taking the SEO world by storm right now and revolutionizing the way most web marketers look at websites.  Bottom line:  you can generate traffic all day long but do you know how to convert it?

2. - (The best up to date link building information available)

  • You may think that link building is outside your area of expertise, not worth your time, or just plain confusing.  Wrong.  IMO, this is one of the most valuable and often overlooked weapons in your RE marketing arsenal.  It can provide instant qualified traffic, and more importantly, increase the ranking and traffic of your entire website (not just the page linked to).  Read this site carefully, and bookmark religiously.  His link post roundups are especially good, and there is some great buried treasure in there...

3.  Local SEO - (An often neglected topic in the world)

  • [This] is what you get when you pool all of the best local SEO talent in the world

4.  Social Media Automation  (Some will cry foul here, but I don't care.  They are valid tools)

  • - Autofollow based on keywords (I suggest starting with your location)
  • Twitter Karma - Auto-UNfollow people that aren't following you back
  • - Automate part of your posting process with relevant RSS feeds.  Property feed Twitter account anyone???  The sky is the limit here folks... seriously.
  • Disclaimer (be careful with all of these.  They are great tools, but can be mis-used.  I only use them to help supplement certain social accounts for clients because I have a life and can't be on twitter every 5 minutes)

I hope these were fun and useful for you.  I love "broadening" my arsenal of tools.  Enjoy...
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Links That Will Rock Your World… Seriously.
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