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Activerain added Twitter Feature...Send it on To Facebook instantly as well!

TwitterShannon Gilmore wrote about the new feature on Activerain that allows you to automatically tweet your posts to Twitter.  While I am very happy this feature has been added, I wanted to share a way to take the use of this application a step further.  When I started using twitter a few months back, I found a really neat application for my facebook account. 

By using this application, whenever I send a tweet, it automatically updates my facebook wall and changes my status on facebook.  Since the name of the game is exposure, I would definitely suggest setting this easy application up.  It took me about 2 minutes to do. Here is a link to the Twitter Application for Facebook.

FacebookWhat I love about this application is that my local friends are now receiving easy feeds to all of my Myrtle Beach Real Estate information.  They see the update pop up on Facebook and click to see what I have written.  Since adding this feature I have received a few calls and definitely many more discussions when around friends.  Also, it allows me to remind my friends on facebook daily that Jeremy Blanton is their Myrtle Beach Real Estate Expert.  The continual repetition of Myrtle Beach Real Estate information being sent to these accounts will hopefully lead to more readership of my Myrtle Beach Real Estate Blog & more closed transactions.

With the newest feature of feeding your Activerain Real Estate Blog to Twitter and onto Facebook, the need for setting up feedburner has become even more prevalent.  If you are like me and have not set up feedburner to allow consumers to subscribe to your blog through RSS feed, visit Justin Smith's 2 part tutorial here. I am off to set mine up now!

** UPDATE **

Several have had issues with this not working because of the privacy settings in Twitter.  Make sure to change your settings in twitter by unchecking the box below!

Twitter Settings

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