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How to Add a Power Point Presentation to Your Blog

Do you use Microsoft Power Point for any presentations at all? Here's the instructions for adding a Power Point Presentation to
your Blog. We are going to incorporate it into this post and show you how it's done: Today I will use There are others
like, but I have not tested them thoroughly yet.

A couple things you'll want to know first:
The two most common Internet Browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Depending on the readers/viewers
browser will determine how your presentation will appear. I would suggest always having a quick disclaimer or instructional comment
for both platforms. I like to use the following:

DISCLAIMER: "Best Viewed with the Mozilla Firefox Browser. Internet Explorer Users, Click on the Magnifying Glass and use the "slide tool" to resize this presentation in the Blog Post Window."


Create your Power Point Presentation and save it as a Microsoft Office 97 format or earlier. This format works best with


Go to and create an account and then Login or

Just create a user name and password and that is all you'll need.


Upload your Power Point Presentation into your Scribd Library. Click on "Upload Documents"


Create your post on your Blog in Active Rain using the WYSIWYG format. (It's the DEFAULT FORMAT for all posts)

Then save your post in Draft mode. Next, You'll need to go back in and edit the post using the HTML format to enter the embed
code from Scribd. But first, let's go get the embed code from now. Go back to (I recommend just keeping both
windows/tabs open at the same time)
Click on "My Documents" and select your Power Point File you just uploaded. On the right hand
side of the screen, you'll see the box below. Just click on the embed code and press CTRL+C to copy the embed code. Now we
need to paste the code on your Active Rain Blog post.


Now go back to your Active Rain post. Click "Edit" on your saved DRAFT post. Now Click on the Tab at the Top of your post and
change it from from WYSIWYG to HTML. It will ask you if you're sure, click on OK.

Stripping the embed code to work on your Blog Post. * This is where it gets a little tricky so pay close attention to this portion of the
final Step #5. You have to remove everything to the left of the word object, and also remove everything to the right of the word
object with the ( / ) . Here's an example screen shot to help you understand and get the visual:


Use the CTRL +V to paste the embed code you copied from Scribd onto your Blog Post. Be sure you put it somewhere on your post
that won't conflict or overwrite any of your previously written text. Now remove your post from Draft mode, place it in the
appropriate Groups or Locations, and click on "POST BLOG ENTRY!"

 That's It! Don't forget to add good "Tag" words for SEO.

Here's a link to the post that includes a Power Point Presentation that Margaret Rome used for a WCR event in Baltimore, MD.

Here's a Sample of a Power Point I just put together about Dubai:


Power Point Presentations in Blogs allows viewers who don't have Microsoft Power Point, to see any Power Point Presentation.
Imagine not having to own Microsoft Power Point to view someone else's creation! Very Cool!

Now your Power Point Presentations can be available on your Blog, and easily accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world. Power
Point is specifically designed for presentations, isn't that in part what a Blog is? Making a point... with POWER!! ~



"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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